We believe games can be more than just fun

The player should have fun and have a good time
The player should learn something new
The player should have a fantastic gaming experience
The player should receive useful information for thought

About Us

Siberian Koala is an indie developer specializing in story-driven games for PC and consoles.

We believe that players are an equal participant in the development of video games, and cooperation between players and developers helps to create exciting games.


Applied tech stack:

  • C#, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript
  • Unity, Unreal Engine
  • Blender, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max
  • FMOD, Audacity
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Git, Mercurial, SVN
  • UWP, Android SDK, iOS SDK


Wild EXOplanet

An innovative AA action-adventure game with MMO elements being developed on Unreal Engine 5.

Release: TBA
Undying Symphony

Undying Symphony tells a story about challenges that Leningrad people faced during the Siege and shows us one of the most tragic episodes of Leningrad history.

Release: Q2 2024
Ashland Dossier

1960, Cold War. Atrocities of WWII are almost forgotten. Nonetheless, a special task force is set out to hunt Nazis down. As its leader, you will be gathering evidence of war crimes against them and bringing these criminals to justice.

Release: Q1 2022
Amazing Superhero Squad

Do you think it is easy to solve all the problems of a cursed city and not go insane? Lead a team of superheroes, save Storborg City from looming disasters and beat your dishonourable rivals.

Release: October 2021


Dimitri Kipra
Eugene Anishchenko
Co-Founder, CEO
Nikita Kotomkin